Day Trips

So the website has been up and running now for about a month and a half. I’ve been pleased overall with the outcome of this new venture. There were a few glitches on the website in the first few days, but those have been sorted.

As I moved through the process of deciding what exactly I would be offering to the public, again and again the idea of day trips kept coming up in conversation with friends, family, and clients. So now I have included day trips to the mix. I am offering tours of two Civil War battlefields in Maryland: Antietam and Monocacy. Both tours offer a glimpse into America’s past and the rich history of Maryland.

I have been conducting tours to these locations for years, and have on a number of occasions given tours for friends. There are a few photos in the Civil War gallery. I hope to give people an opportunity to showcase exactly what I do on these tours in these half-half day and full day tours.

My goal in these tours is to give a general background of the events that happened at these location that is accessible to people with very little knowledge of the Civil War and give enough concise info with depth that even very keen historians will take away a deeper concept of both of these battle.

Not only is the history interesting, but the view and sight are amazing. If you want more details please feel free to contact me. This would be a great gift for someone in your circle for a birthday of the holidays. I also have given tours for school groups and Scout Troop, so feel free to pass on my name to anyone that might be able to use my services.

-Fred Campbell

A the Sunken Lane- Antietam

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