“The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page.”-  St. Augustine

Founded in 2019, FFC Historical Tours aims to provide unique tours full of culture, history and amazing locations. The owner and primary tour guide, Fred Campbell, has a wide and varied experience of instructing history at a number colleges in Maryland, and leading a diverse number of tours for college students around the globe, including Ireland, France, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

While each of our trips have a diverse amount of activities, they each have a central theme to educate guests deeply on the locations they visit. The Ireland trips focus on Irish history, the France trips focus on World War II and modern French History, while the Civil War excursions focus primarily on the American Civil War. While on the tours, guests have freedom to explore additional locations and FFC Historical tours will assist guests in having a truly customized experience.

Where will you explore with FFC Historical Tours?