Antietam Day Tours

Sunken Lane- Antietam

The single bloodiest day in the Civil War was a massive struggle between the armies of Confederate General Robert E. Lee and Union General George McClellan.  This battle would change the course of the Civil War and American history forever. During both the half day and full day tours, you will learn about the events that led up to the battle, the main players and go to the locations where the major actions took place.  For the full day, you will get to understand a more expansive explanation of the battle and take in additional locations that will help you find deeper nuances to the day’s actions. With the full-day tour, we will also visit the national cemetery where thousands of the fallen are buried and get a few extra personal stories of the participants.

Near “Old Simon” statue- Antietam Battlefield Cemetery


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Dunker Church

“Had the pleasure of going on several civil war trips with Fred over the past year. His commentary on the mindset of commanders, troops, and civilians in and around the battle sites kept us engaged and made each outing even more fascinating! I highly recommend Fred and FFC Historical Tours!” -Eric M.