Civil War Day Tours

Often, taking off for a week to do a tour is just not possible.  FFC Historical Tours understands this and has one full-day and two half-day tours that specialize on Civil War Battles for your consideration. Explore and discover the battlefields of Antietam and Monocacy in leisurely manner that will leave you with a greater appreciation of the history of America and the Civil War.

Confederate artillery emplacements- Monocacy

During the period of self-isolation the corona virus has imposed on many people, I have begun posting short videos on social media. These 15,30 and 60 second videos are from locations I go to on my Monocacy and Antietam tours. If interested, you can click on the “follow us” icons at the bottom of the home page. On each of the postings I wil,l in the comments, note where on the maps below the videos were made. Feel free to comment and share these posts to get the word out on what FFC Historical Tours does. Thanks for all the support, and I hope you enjoy the videos over the next few weeks.

Although many people are self isolating and are forgoing unneeded travel at this time, our company is still taking reservation for future dates. As the Covid-19 crisis abates, FFC Historical Tours hope you will consider a future tour. We are taking reservations for this summer and beyond. If the crisis continues for an extended period, we have a very liberal refund policy. We will refund clients 100% of cost up to 24 hours before a tour occurs. Therefore feel free to reserve a spot.

Best, -Fred Campbell

“Had the pleasure of going on several Civil War trips with Fred over the past year. Fred expertly set the stage for each battle with historical background on the major players and the lead up to each campaign and was extremely knowledgeable about the locations and important landmarks at each site we visited. His commentary on the mindset of commanders, troops, and civilians in and around the battle sites kept us engaged and made each outing even more fascinating! I highly recommend Fred and FFC Historical Tours! (Oh, and if you get hungry during a trip, Fred’s got you covered – he’s got the inside scoop on where to get the best local grub).” – Eric M.

Near Gambrill’s Mill, Union headquarters during the battle of Monocacy


We now offer gift certificates so you can purchase a tour for your loved one for the holidays, a birthday or as a thank you. Once a reservation is made, FFC Historical Tours will send you both an electronic and physical gift card. Once your loved one receives this one of a kind gift, they can call, email, or text a date that works for them. We will send a confirmation email and text to them to lock in the date. Gift cards are good for one year after the date of issue.