Civil War Tour

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we had to cancel this year’s multi-day Civil War tour. Do not worry, we plan on running this tour in 2021. Please check back for dates and updated pricing soon. In order to sustain your Civil War interests, our day tours are still on offer, so please check those out

Wander the legendary fields where North and South battled over the fate of the country. Explore the fields of Gettysburg, Antietam, and Fredericksburg, among others. Learn little known facts of the Civil War and learn the stories of some of the men and women who sacrificed so much.

“I have been on several FFC Historical Tours and I learned many historical facts about American history. Fred is very well read in history and expresses his knowledge in a well thought out and humorous style. I will definitely be going on his next tour!” – Steven L.

Day 1: Wednesday (September 23)-Depart and visit Monocacy Battlefield and Gettysburg Visitor’s Center

Our journey into the past will hit on some of the most famous battles of the Civil War, and will also expose you to some of the lesser known engagements and locations of the war. After settling into our coach, we will travel to just outside Frederick, Maryland.  It was here in July of 1864 that the Confederacy launched its last invasion of the North. It will be in the visitor’s center and battlefield where you will learn of Jubal Early’s (C.S.A) actions and how this battle, although a Union loss, helped save the U.S. capital.

Our trip then takes us to Gettysburg to find out about one of the most important battles of the Civil War.  After lunch at a local café, we will spend time in the visitor’s center and then explore the first day of battle.

 After checking into our accommodations, the evening is yours to do a bit more exploring of Gettysburg’s many shops, restaurants and antique stores or the battlefield itself.  Remember the battle took place all around and within the town itself. 

Day 2: Thursday (September 24)- Morning: Tour Gettysburg Battlefield, Afternoon: Tour Antietam Battlefield

Gettysburg was a battle that occurred over three days and the battlefield is massive.  Our focus in the morning will be the second and climactic third day of battle. And we will see where Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous Gettysburg Address.

Our journey then takes us to Antietam located in western Maryland where Robert E. Lee and George McClellan clashed in what would be the bloodiest single day in American history.  After a visit to the battlefield center we will walk the hallowed grounds of the Bloody Lane and Burnside Bridge. This tour will conclude with a visit to the military cemetery for stories about the fallen.

We will then drive a short distance to Harper’s Ferry for our sleeping accommodations. You are encouraged to walk the streets and visit the sights in this historic town that traded hands multiple times during the war.

Day 3: Friday (September 25)- Morning: visit Harper’s Ferry, Afternoon: visit Manassas Battlefield

In September of 1862, Stonewall Jackson (C.S.A.) forced the surrender of more American forces than in any other single moment in American history.  His capture of Harper’s Ferry aided in Lee’s decision to fight the battle of Antietam. We will walk the town and visit the ground where parts of this battle occurred.  

After lunch in Harper’s Ferry we are off to the Manassas Battlefield when both the First and Second Battle of Bull Run took place.  Both battles played a pivotal role in the course of Civil War History. Here you will learn about how it was here that Thomas Jonathon Jackson earned the nickname “Stonewall.” You will also learn how after Second Bull Run Lee became convinced that he could take the war to the North which led to the disaster of Antietam.  

Day 4: Saturday (September 26)-Visit Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and Spotsylvania Battlefields

Today our tour will stay within a relatively small geographic space where three key battles took place.  Our morning begins in Frederickburg where Ambrose Burnside (U.S.A.) led his troops into the most lopsided loss during the Civil War.  Down the road we will visit Chancellorsville, often cited by historians as “Lee’s perfect battle.”

Our day ends just down the road at Spotsylvania for a key moment in the Overland Campaign of the Ulysses S. Grant (U.S.A.) which helped lead Grant to the gates of the Confederate Capital in Richmond.

Day 5:Sunday (September 27)- Visit Jackson Shrine, Ox Hill Battlefield and return to Ellicott City

Our drive back to our starting point will have us stop at two lesser known locations.  After being shot accidentally by his own men, and having his left arm amputated, Stonewall Jackson was taken to this house where physicians were unable to save his life.  The structure and grounds are preserved to honor a person who many believe was the most talented general of the Civil War.

Just off the highway on our route home, we will visit a battle of 1862 that gets little recognition. It was here that in 1862 the Confederate army was finally halted after the Northern disaster of Second Bull Run, and helped save the capital from invasion.  It is here too where you will be able to see how modern development is slowly creeping into and taking over America’s historical sights.

Our day ends, and so does our journey.  The hope of FFC Historical Tours is that you enjoyed the scenery, company, and food, but most importantly, we hope you walk away from this journey with a greater depth of understanding and appreciation of some of the most pivotal years in American history.

Pricing:  $1350 double occupancy, $1530 single occupancy

What is Included

Trips include all accommodations, all transportation once the tour begins, entry to all sites and museums, all tours, and all breakfasts.  Also, some lunches and dinners included (these vary on individual trips)