2021 France- 10 Day Tour

View modern and historical sites in this extensive 10 day tour of France that will take you from the beaches of Normandy to the cobbled stone streets of Paris.

“If there is anyone that you should trust traveling abroad with, it is Fred Campbell. I had the pleasure of going to France and exploring the vast city of Paris, the centuries-old, small-town Bayeux and every beach from the invasion of Normandy, it truly was a trip of a lifetime. I still look back fondly on the many memories I made on the trip and it was all thanks to the incredible Fred Campbell.” – Matthew O.


Day 1: Tuesday (6/29)- Arrive in France and settle into accommodations in  Bayeux, visit the Bayeux Cathedral 

One of my groups in front of the Bayeux Cathedral

As with most international travel, the first day of a trip can be the most taxing.  Lines, customs, long walks to the gate to catch your plane, not so comfortable seats during the flight etc. etc. With that in mind, we at FFC Tours will attempt to take the additional stress away once you get through baggage at Charles DeGaulle Airport.  We will meet you and shepherd you through the last stages of your travel to get you to your hotel room in Bayeux. Through years of experience, we have found that the first day should not be too taxing for clients. With that in mind we will give you a few hours to relax, unpack, unwind and take a quick nap if need be.  Once refreshed, we will take you out in the beautiful and ancient town of Bayeux. Founded by the Romans in the first century and called Augustorum, Bayeux has been home to Romans, Vikings, Gauls and Anglo-Saxons. Its cobble stone streets and medieval buildings will give you a real sense of history. We will point out the all the local amenities that you may need during your stay, all within easy reach of the hotel.  We will also visit the Bayeux Cathedral (pictured in the gallery), the most prominent structure in town. Once done you will be free to wander the town, stop in the shops or grab a coffee at a café and people watch.  

Day 2: Wednesday (6/30)- In Bayeux for the day. See the historical Bayeux Tapestry and Operation Overlord Museum

Today will showcase the medieval and the modern.  We will start our tour at the Bayeux Memorial Museum. The museum reviews the battle of Normandy in 1944.  It goes beyond just D-Day on June 6th and gives the visitor an idea of the immense struggle that went on for ninety day in the Normandy area and helped secure Allied victory in WWII.  Afterwards we will visit the Bayeux Cemetery, the largest British and Commonwealth cemetery in Normandy and learn some of the stories of the brave soldiers who fought in this grand struggle.

On to a lunch break at a wonderful café. In the afternoon we will see the Bayeux Tapestry.  Considered one of the most important historical artifacts on the world. This massive tapestry showcases the battle of Hasting in 1066.  A battle itself radically changed the course of history in the region and the world. Once housed in the rafters of the Bayeux Cathedral, it now is preserved in the museum and explained panel by panel in an audio tour.

The day ends in the early afternoon, and will give everyone times to visit the shops, and explore this amazing Normandy town. 

Day 3: Thursday (7/1)- Driving tour to the American D-Day Beaches (Omaha and Utah)

At Utah Beach in the American D-Day Sector

Normandy was witness to one of the most massive military engagements in human history. The landing of Allied forces on June 6 and the subsequent weeks that followed are etched into the world’s collective memory. On the this day, we will tour the major sights with the highest rated tour guide in Normandy.  An ex British infantry soldier who has been holding tours for the last fourteen years, Dale Booth (his website is located on the assistant page) will share many moving stories and show you the critical sights to understand that battle.

Day 4: Friday (7/2)- Driving tour to the British and Canadian D-Day Beaches (Gold, Juno, Sword)

A bit of rainy day at the Howard Memorial at Pegasus Bridge, but engaging and fun nontheless.

Our tour of the Normandy coastline continues. During this day we will see the remainder of the D-Day beaches. We will here harrowing stories including the action of a Victoria Cross recipient. We will visit the Pegasus Bridge Museum and visit the location of one of the most intense actions on June 6, 1944. Beyond the history the beauty of the coastline and beaches will leave you with a visual experience of a lifetime.

Day 5: Saturday (7/3)- Travel to and tour the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mont-Saint-Michel

Spring Tour Group at Mont-Saint-Michel

Founded as monastery in the 11th century, this tiny island will sweep you back in time. You will have ample time to grab a bite, visit the shops as well as tour the abbey. The view are amazing and seeing the tide race in, is a once in a lifetime experience. There is a reason this is one of the most visited sites in France.

Day 6: Sunday (7/4)- Visit the seaside town of Arromanches.  Walk the beaches, see the ruins of the D-Day artificial harbor and enjoy the many shops and restaurants.

This picturesque seaside town was the site of the D-Day landing and the town and beaches still bear the markings of that day.  Two wonderful museums showcase what happened there in 1944. A walk on the beaches or the cliffs surrounding the town helps show of the beauty of Normandy and the numerous restaurants showcase some of the freshest, tastiest seafood anywhere.  A stroll along the promenade and a visit to various shops, is a capstone to a perfect day.

Day 7: Monday (7/5)- to Paris, settle into accommodation and walk the beautiful neighborhood surrounding Notre Dame

On this day we leave the rural countryside for the metropolitan capital of France, Paris.  After settling into our accommodations, a short taxi ride awaits to take us to Fourth Arrondissement (Paris is divided into Twelve Departments or Arrondissements, each one with its own personality) and Notre Dame.  Although recently a terrible fire destroyed a large portion of this iconic church’s interior, it remains a beautiful structure on the outside. Also the surrounding neighborhood is must see. There are amazing sights on the River Seine. Bookstores (Shakespeare and Company being the most famous), cafes, shops and restaurants galore are everywhere.  This is also one of the best jumping off places in the entire city to extend you afternoon adventure. The Musee d’Orsay, Parthonon, St. Chapplle and dozens of other sites are with a quick walk of taxi ride. Before departure, we would be happy to help you with any logistics to get around in order to make this a memorable day.

Day 8: Tuesday (7/6)- In Paris- Option A: visit Napoleon’s Tomb and the Army Museum, Option B: visit The Louvre

The Louvre Entrance

Today allows you two wonderful options.

Option A: One of the most iconic buildings in Paris housing the tomb of one of the most iconic people in history.  Napoleon’s tomb is an amazing building. The adjacent Army museum, has one of the largest military collections in the world.  Everything is there from hundreds of suits of armor up to tanks and planes of the Second World War. Spend as little or as much time there as possible.  After these two sights you are free to explore Paris at will. The museum is within an easy walk of the Rodin Museum, and Seine River tours.

Option B:  The Louvre is one of the greatest houses of art in the world.  The museum has over 380,000 pieces of art on display. We cannot promise you will see them all, but our guide will make sure you see the major pieces on display such as Venus de Milo, Liberty Leading the People and of course the Mona Lisa.  After the tour, you are welcome to stay as long as you wish to see more.

Day 9: Wednesday (7/7)- In Paris- visit the Eiffel Tower, free afternoon to fit in those last bucket list sights.

Eiffel Tower: Information & Facts | Live Science
At the base of the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is easily one of the most iconic structures in the world.  We will visit all three levels to get a grand view of Paris. It is a breathtaking experience to ascend to the top of the tower (once Mr. Eiffel’s office).  After the conclusion of our visit, the day is yours. Often people have unique bucket lists on what they want to see and do, and we couldn’t possible accommodate everyone.  We will therefore give you time to make the day yours. On the other hand, if you are at a loss as to what is available, FFC Historical Tours will be happy to find out your interests and make suggestions.    

Day 10: Thursday (7/8)- Return home

All good things unfortunately come to an end.  FFC Historical Tours, will to get you to the airport in time to get your tickets and go through security.  We hope the experiences you had will give you memories to last a lifetime, and we hope to have the honor of escorting you on future trips.

Pricing: $3400 double occupancy ($3800 single occupancy)

What is Included

Trips include all accommodations, all transportation in country (flight’s not included), entry to all sites and museums, all tours, and all breakfasts.  Also, some lunches and dinners included (these vary on individual trips)