Our Assistants

On every tour there will be one lead guide and one assistant. This will help ensure the tours run smoothly and aid in you having a positive experience on the trip. All of our guides are seasoned travelers and are familiar with the locations we will visit. Below are their bios so you can get to know a bit about them before departure.

SaRA Shenk

Hey y’all! My name is Sara Shenk and I was born and raised in Baltimore. I have a pretty big family and growing up, my immediate family basically gave me no option but to travel…everywhere…by car…so I saw a lot! I’ve hit more than half of the United States by car, stayed at campgrounds, adventured on trails, experienced a variety of cultures, and have had some incredible food (specifically and most importantly ice cream!).  

I’ve been out of the country a few times; the most significant was on a Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic for a sister church I belong to, where I stayed with a Spanish speaking host family and saw the world through their lenses. I have the biggest itch for travel, and I have a bad habit of running away for a weekend and forgetting to tell my mom until she sees me on the Find My Friends App! 

My latest adventure took me to the breathtaking shores of Maine.  I look forward to assisting you in having an amazing experience with FFC Historical Tours.

RIchard Ireland

I fell in love with traveling ten years ago when I studied abroad in Ireland. At the time, I didn’t realize that this trip would shape me into the person that I am today. Back then, I was only a freshman in college, and the individual who happened to be in charge was none other than Fred Campbell. It was in Ireland that Campbell opened my eyes to how awesome history really is! He was able to bring the past to life through fascinating stories, funny anecdotes, and by taking my student group to breathtaking locations where we were able to walk in the steps of incredible individuals that lived generations ago. In fact, Campbell had such a profound impact on me during the trip that I changed my college major to History in hopes that I could have a similar influence on future generations. Since then I have traveled internationally multiple times.  Today, I am proud to be a full time high school history teacher, who has also taught at the post-secondary level. I am also very excited that I now get to work alongside Campbell on these trips where you will get the opportunity to learn about the past, experience different cultures, and make new friends from around the world. My belief is if you choose to travel with us that you will have the journey of a lifetime too.

Shawn Gladden

I am a 15 year museum professional having worked at the Baltimore Museum of Industry, Maryland Historical Society, and am currently the Executive Director of the Howard County Historical Society. In addition, I am a Senior Adjunct Instructor of History at Howard Community College. I have a passion for travel, spent time abroad studying at Cambridge University, and have toured every major Civil War Battle site on the East Coast. I believe my background will help in making a tour with FFC Historical Tours a once in a lifetime experience.

Sarah Koolbeck

My interest in Irish culture and history began when I started taking Irish Step dance lessons during my teenage years. My love of travel and exploring other countries began when I first studied abroad in Ireland through Howard Community College. I’ve been on study abroad in England, France, and South Korea and have since traveled to Belgium, Austria, Italy, and Denmark. I received my Bachelor of Arts from the University of Maryland in Baltimore County, where I majored in East Asian Studies with a minor in Korean Language and Culture. I am a Critical Language Scholarship recipient, a Korean Government Scholarship finalist, and a Fulbright finalist. These days I’m pondering my next career move while slinging coffee at a local coffee shop and teaching myself Irish Gaelic.

Miles Franklin-Campbell

I love to travel, and I have a keen interest in history. I come by all of this naturally, as I am the son of FFC Historical Tours’ founder, Fred Campbell.

I’ve been to Ireland, Canada, and France. I’ve visited over half of the states in the United States, Some of my favorites are New York (my mom’s family is from New York City), Utah (Bear Lake is a favorite), and Wyoming (where I watched a spectacular solar eclipse). Maine is a favorite my family vacations, (fun beaches and great food in Portland).

Touring Civil War sites has always been a fun and informative way to spend time with my Dad. I’m sure you’ll have a great time too.