Privacy Policy

The following is the Privacy Policy that will be adhered to by FFC Historical Tours, LLC

Google Analytics

This website used Google Analytics to gain insight into how visitors explore this website.  FFC Historical Tours uses this information to improve the user experience.  

Google Analytics uses cookies, and this information generated will be store by Google, but does not store information that can be traced back to a specific individual or computer.  Google may provide the stored information to third parties if legally required to do so. The data sharing settings of Google Analytics have been disabled for this website.

Embedded content from other websites

Pages on this site contains embedded material such as videos, links and images.  Some of these third parties may contain cookies and collect data.

Social Media

This webpage uses button that connect to social media companies such a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Once redirected to those websites, FFC Historical Tours has no control over those site and assumes no responsibility for the websites.

Personal Information

FFC Historical Tours stores no personal information when users are just browsing the website.

If you contact FFC Historical Tours via electronic form, your name, address, phone number and IP address is stored.  

When you make a reservation, FFC Historical Tours will ask for name, email address, and phone number.  This information will name be shared and only used to contact customers to confirm and update information. 

Sensitive personal data

FFC Historical Tours does not store sensitive personal data.  Personal data will only be used in the following manner. 1) to contact and confirm reservations 2) process reservations 3) Respond to inquires 4) process tour reviews 5) for tax purposes and fulfillment of any legal obligations (retention of any data will be held only for legally required periods).


FFC Historical Tours takes every precaution in protection of customer data and has taken appropriate measure to secure data to prevent misuse

Sharing Data

FFC Historical Tours does not share any personal data with third parties unless to comply with legal obligations.


This privacy statement is a living document and will be periodically updated.