Specialty Tour Guides

During our tours, we will at times use local guides. We make sure that these guides are of the highest caliber. While in France our tours of the Normandy Beach will be run by Dale Booth, a British Army veteran who has been running D-Day tours for over 15 years. We have have been using his services for over a decade, and his reviews are phenomenal. Below is a link to his tour website. If you visit there, you will get a more detailed idea of the what the D-Day tours will involve and see why he is the best guide in the area.


Mike Radinsky has been curator at the Museum of Howard County History since 2016. His interests lie in local history, especially Howard County’s involvement in the Civil War. He participates in living history programs in Maryland and for the Howard County Historical Society. Mike will lead our informative historic walking tours of Ellicott City.